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 Define your enterprice apps in minutes with no-code/low-code




We help you to anhance your steps to digitalization. 


In all enterprices fast reactions are needed to get new data, process, analyse and take new action.  Therefore companys need

new enterprice apps / forms / online surveys / analytics / etc. for all kind of entities. 

But the development department is often to busy with other projects, thus "your project" can not be developed fast enought.

Never the less, users do know what they want and a no-code/low-code platform can be beneficial to get to the target. 


POINT-ERP4 GmbH developed this no-code/low-code platform specialy for enterprice apps in the ERP/CRM area.

You can define easy forms, but also komplex new enterprice apps in minutes for internal or extenal users.


All in accordance to your internal structures. Even more, you can use already predefined modules and functions

to be even faster to get the solution.



This is the fastest way to digitalization and cost saving: 


The no-code/low-code tool is powerful, but thru the wizards easy to use for the "Citizen-Developers".

The defined forms do contain all the nessesary and needed functions, which are standard best practice in ERP/CRM apps.

All projects are therefore automatic:

  • browser based
  • multi company
  • multi lingual
  • multi cultural
  • changeble
  • multi user 
  • extreme scalable
  • versionated
  • secure
  • instand usable
  • revision secure


If your solution becomes to complex, then - if needed - code can be added to meet all professional needs.


How does that work without code?   


Usualy the full process needs multiple steps like design-datamaping-programing-compiling-implementation, but

the tool let you "define" your enterprice app by setting properties or modules. The result is an app defined by data.

Only when the form is been called by the user, each page is dynamicly created by the interpretation of the given data. This is much better,

because the system does it at run time, when it knows the color preference, user language, customizing, allowed forms, fields, content, etc.   

This enables it to change the form properties any time. As soon the properties are changed, the change can be seen directly.




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No-Code/Low-Code platform with CRM moduls




 no-code/low-code is "defining" instead of long development



What ist the difference to the classic development?

Normaly a programers needs a long time to release a new app in the cloud. Programers need to design, map the data to a database

develop the scripts and interfaces to save and process the users data, compile all, move to the cloud and finaly publish the application.

You can save the time.


It is much faster if the properties of a form are selected from pre-defined properties. 

The first step is the definition of the data structure. The form fields are then already hooked to the database.

This is the base for defining details for forms / menus / list / analytics / ML / APIs etc.

The next step is to select the form and field behavior (i.e. color/checks/buttons/search/language/help/conections/etc) to finalise the form.


To be even faster you can select predefined modules to add to your project.
List of modules and features which can be added to your project to define your full CRM system:
  • Lead Management
  • Customer Management (CRM) 
  • Offer Management 
  • Order Management / Confirmation / Delivery / Invoice 
  • RFQ and Purchase Orders
  • Tender Management
  • Projekt Management
  • Ticket System / Help Desk
  • Document Management 
  • Dossier Management
  • Contakt Management
  • Survey Management 
  • Visit Planing
  • Travel Cost
  • Calling List
  • Emolpyee Management
  • Group Calendar
  • Leave Planning
  • Task Mangement
  • Notes
  • Time and Attendance
  • Audit Trail
  • Appointments
  • To Do List
  • Statistics / Reports 
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Campagne Management
  • Surveys
  • Integrated E-Mail Client
  • Serial E-Mails
  • Integrated Chat-Function
  • Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Content Wiki
  • Content Management System
  • CTI / TAPI Phone
  • Items
  • Addresses
  • Compliance
  • Sanctions Check
  • EU Tax Code Check 
  • Scheduler
  • Triggers and Messanges
  • XML / JSON API Interface-Modul
  • User-Rights
  • Organisation Structures
  • and more...

                                                                                                                                                                         You like to know more? [contact us]



Promote digitalization



We help you to finalise your project faster 



Do you need help getting you project done? 

In case ...
  • you do not have the capacity to devine your urgent project
  • or your project is more complex and need more coding
  • or you need help on interfaces or connections or export formats 
  • or you need education 

then we like to support you to finalise your project

We like to offer you the needed service - from POC - to your enterprice app. 



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